Monday, 29 February 2016

MSTC as a catalyst in power sector reforms

 In line with the policy of e-governance and digital India, the Government of India has focused its vision on digitizing transactions so as to achieve transparency, competition and budget optimization. To this end, MSTC is assisting in achieving the said objectives by creating a wide range of e-bidding applications. MSTC has been in the business of digitizing transactions since 2002 and has created awareness about the benefits of e-bidding to many government departments and PSUs.
With the vision of have “POWER FOR ALL” by 2019, the Ministry of Power embarked upon various ambitious projects in the power sector in the right earnest. To begin with, MSTC was asked prepared a e-bidding solution for allocation of subsidy to the Stranded gas based power plants in India. Ministry of Power allocated a Power Sector development fund to the tune of 7500-cr. A solution was devised that enabled Gas Based Power Plants to receive this subsidy by an electronic bidding wherein the plants which could produce the maximum units of electricity with minimum amount of subsidy would get priority. 4800 MW of idle power generating capacity has already been revived so far and two more rounds of auctions will materialize in the next few months.

Earlier, MSTC conducted the first ever electronic Coal block allocation in India. Coal mine allocation has already been the grandest and most successful electronic event in the country. 70 coal mines have already been allocated to various end users in private and government sector through online competitive bidding method in a time bound, trouble-free and transparent manner. A total of 204 coal blocks will be allocated through e-Auction by MSTC Limited. 

Hindustan Times, Kolkata, Thursday, 25th February, 2016

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