Friday, 10 March 2017

MoUs signed between CRWC and MSTC

CRWC and MSTC: The Minister of State (Steel) Vishnu Deo Sai inaugurated the Workshop on MSTC's vision for North East Region for Promotion of Agri-Forest Produce in Guwahati in partnership with Central Railside Warehouse Company Ltd. (CRWC). On the occasion, CRWC signed a MoU with MSTC, a PSU under the Ministry of Steel, for providing Total Logistics Solution. This association will help evolve an ecosystem for marketing of agri-commodities and benefit farmers directly .

News published in Times of India, New Delhi, 10th march, 2017

Saturday, 4 March 2017

MSTC supports the Promotion of Agri-Forest Produce of the North Eastern Region

The North-East Region is endowed with a climate for rich agri and forest produce but the growers do not have any market access for their produces due to the lack of proper logistic supports in the region.   

MSTC has embarked upon developing an eco system bringing all the enabling partners such as North Eastern Regional Agriculture and Marketing Corporation Ltd.  (NERAMAC), Central Railside Warehousing Corporation (CRWC), Packaging Company and Inland Waterways Authority (IWA).

The above ecosystem will not only improve the financial status of the growers but also prevent the crops from colossal wastage and make niche products available to the rest of the country. 

In order to provide  direct market access to the growers of the North-East region and also effective co-ordination and required services amongst the above agencies, MSTC has recently opened an  office  at Guwahati, which will be a nodal point to cater to the needs of  all the sister states of the  North-East. 

MSTC will conduct e-Auctions on behalf of NERAMAC and other similar stockholders regularly for all the Agri- Horti and Forest produce eliminating the existing middlemen in the state.  Also, MSTC will conduct Forward Auctions (3 months before harvesting) to sell perishable items such as pineapple, flowers etc.   For popularizing the e-Auction platform, MSTC has been conducting workshops and registering the prospective buyers/traders at various locations in the country for online-bidding.  MSTC shall also arrange logistics for delivery of the items at the door step of the customers.

Notwithstanding this, MSTC will sell the metal products of various manufacturers like RINL, SAIL, etc. through its MSTC Metal Mandi “M3” to the various consumers in the North-East region and also provide the logistics support through CRWC on door delivery basis.  This will spur the growth in demand of metal products in the region. 

Friday, 3 March 2017

Workshop on MSTC's vision for North East Region

Hon’ble Minister of State (Steel) Sri Vishnu Deo Sai inaugurated the Workshop on MSTC’s vision for North East Region at Guwahati on 03-03-2017 in presence of Shri B.B. Singh, CMD, MSTC Ltd., Shri A K Basu, Director (Finance), MSTC Ltd., Shri S Bhattacharjee, ED, NERAMAC, Shri K.U. Thankachen, MD, CRWC Ltd. and other distinguished  guests.

New Office of MSTC opened in Vijaywada on 28th February, 2017

Shri A K Basu, Director(Finance) of MSTC Ltd inaugurated the office of MSTC Limited at Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh in presence other Senior Officers of MSTC.